Warm Up avec Ken Caillot to get back on the slopes !

We all know you can’t wait to get back on your ski and hit the slopes…

After this long period away from the peaks, the reopening of our beautiful ski resort has been strongly desired.
Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or even ski mountaineering, we are all ready to take advantage of the 300kms of slopes of Val d’Isère-Tignes but before you wind your way around the mountains again, we have a few recommendations!

Ken Caillot, a young skier from Val d’Isère Ski club has concocted a warm-up program specially for you from the top of Val d’Isère to get back on the slopes in all safety! Wheter it’s in our fitness room, in your room or already on the ski slopes, this 5 minutes training will ensure you a maximum preparation to get back on the skis as if you had never left them !

After this day outdoors, for maximum recovery, head to the Sisley Spa  for a tailor-made “Le Musculaire” massage. For either 50min or 1h20, this deep tissue massage will be perfect to release all muscle stress and comforting your body after exercise.

With this tailor-made program, you are ready to enjoy Val d’Isère’s slopes during your entire stay.